Painting Tutorial

Which Spray Paint To Use

Common brands such as Rust-Oleum, Krylon and Ace Hardware brand paint are readily available in a variety of colors. Each brand has a single paint that acts as primer and paint all in one can making it suitable for applying

directly to metal. This really speeds up the process. If you have to get this done sooner than later, Krylon and Ace paint dry faster than the heavier Rust-Oleum spray paint. 


no trespassing sign shape of apple
spray paint

Paint & Clear Coat 

The following tutorial is applicable to both paint and clear coat. Rinse your design with clean water and scrub it using a green Scotch Brite pad or sponge you stole from the kitchen and Dawn dish soap. We’ve found that Dawn does the best job for paint prep but any good dish soap will work, whatever you have on hand. The Scotch Brite pad will scuff the surface a bit creating microscopic scratches that promote paint or clear coat adhesion. If you don’t have a Scotch Brite pad around, just grab whatever you have to scrub thoroughly with.

Painting Your Design

Perhaps the easiest way to paint your design at home is to lay it flat on newspaper, old cardboard box, hood of a friend’s car, lol etc. We suggest painting the back of the design first, it allows you to practice your application techniques and if you get a run or something it’s no big deal. Allow the paint on the back to dry thoroughly, then carefully turn it over and paint the front using lessons learned from the back.

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