Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Your Product Shipped?

All of our designs will come to you via US Mail with tracking provided. We will put it on their best pony, please ensure that your mailing address is properly entered in the shipping address when ordering. If you’re like us and don’t have US Mail delivered to your house, please enter your PO Box during checkout in the Shipping Address and/or include the 4 digit PO Box extension at the end of your zip code.

What Steel Do We Use To Create Our Designs, And Where Does It Come From?

We’re as proud of our process as we are our product, it’s important to us that we openly disclose our sources and process. All of our designs are cut from 14 gauge structural steel made in the USA. Our steel is .075 inches thick. By comparison, most metal art design companies use thinner, less expensive imported 16 gauge steel with limited quality and purity control that is only .059 inches thick. Our 25% thicker, domestic steel is pure structural grade from an environmentally responsible foundry here in the USA. Our legacy steel will hold its shape year after year and last several lifetimes indoors or outdoors. We have to give credit to those that work hard at the foundry to provide us the foundation for our designs we can all be proud of.

How Do I Finish My Product?

Check out our page links below to find creative options to customize your product:

In Rust We Trust - Rust 101 

Painting Tutorial - Spray Painting or Clear Coating Your Design

How Do I  Hang or Mount my Artwork?

Check out our page link below to find creative options to hang or mount your design:

Hanging and Mounting


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