Hanging or  Mounting Your Artwork

All of our artwork can easily be hung up using the Gorilla two sided permanent tape available at any hardware or home improvement store. Follow the directions on the package and cut appropriately sized strips to apply to the back of the design keeping them hidden from front view. This stuff is really strong, works well and is permanent. There is also a less permanent option, 3M two sided tape they advertise for school dorms, etc. that will work well for indoor applications where you need the option of removing artwork without damaging the paint. These options have the advantage of not having any visible nails or screws detracting your design and no tools or holes in the wall required. The Gorilla tape is designed to be permanent and customers tell us it holds up in hot and cold climates outdoors. If you prefer to nail or screw your design up, let us know when ordering and we can place mounting holes in it for you. You can always drill your own holes if you change your mind.

Gorilla Mounting Tape


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